Sunday, 27 November 2016

St Nicholas Oldbury

On a cold and dark November night the good people of this small attractive Shropshire Church opened their doors to The Quire for a musical journey through the year.

The Quire regaled them with uplifting tunes such as Hail Smiling Morn and dark sombre Minor Key songs as in The Shropshire Funeral Hymn, we certainly know how to cheer our audiences up.

The evening was finished on a high with Sweet Chiming Bells to the words of While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night.

All was followed by a great hot supper with a choice of  four dishes, cheeses and cake, put on by the ladies of the church. What a great venue to sing for our supper.

As always the village band performed many lively pieces even with their chilly fingers.

Of course the wonderful hot punch helped.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Christmas and Cake

Christmas knocks at our doors.

This Sunday rehearsal was a vocal gymnastic workout. The Quire's music director took us non stop through the music for the concert at St Nicholas, then after Cake and a cuppa, there is always cake,  we tackled the Christmas music for Acton.

The band is playing better than ever, the recorders were superb and the return of the Mandolin after a few months absence added further dimension. The Accordion, Concertina, Viola and Bassoon were in fine form and the Drumming in Enrico, wow!

Some quire members who had stayed to help washup even felt the urge to dance.