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The first concert was upstairs in the pub at Blists Hill Museum, Ironbridge, on the 17th October 1985, by chance our founder, Gordon Ashman's 50th birthday and the birth of the now familiar logo. Barry Trinder of the Ironbridge Institute had asked The Quire to open the academic year for the students in a different way to the usual one. The Quire had a full range of instruments which included a sheet metal cello loaned by Stoke Museum.

The chance that lead The Quire there was much more happenstance and began with Gordon's decision to do a Masters degree in Social History based at the Ironbridge Institute. Researching Charlotte Sophie Burne, editor of Shropshire Folklore lead him to first join the Folklore Committee and then that of the EFDSS. While in Cecil Sharpe House some time in early 1985 he was offered a look at three manuscript books compiled by John Moore of Wellington, Salop as being 'from your neck of the woods' as Malcom Taylor put it. Naturally, he fell on them with his usual enthusiasm and incorporated them into his work on the degree.

That first concert consisted only of the secular songs and dance tunes from the manuscripts but, as Gordon met other people who were researching similar manuscripts, The Quire concentrated more on the sacred works and rather than a one-off concert  it turned out to be the first of many.

Sadly Gordon died in 2003 and by mutual consent The Quire decided to continue as best it could. The Quire continues to rehearse once a month and do as many concerts as possible throughout the year, mostly in churches incorporating information about John Moore and his place in west gallery style of music in Shropshire and throughout the country.

The Quire remains a costumed Quire with a village band adding authenticity to performances.

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